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After learning that her real enemy was David ‘DP’ Petty, Rain Robinson focused all her attention on finding and ending him and his long-time friend and drug-dealing business partner, Sterling. But he has problems of his own to deal with, his girlfriend, Venus is in love with R.J. and can’t wait to see him again. As for Carter Garrison, finding and killing Damián Custodio is still at the top of his list.

The Reign of Rain Robinson continues in Retaliation, and now it’s time to stop messing around and start taking the fight to them.

Changed Man

In Hostile Takeover, Mike Black returned to his past to tell you more of the story that you only thought you knew. That story continues in Changed Man.

After the tragic death of his long-time friend Vickie Payne, Mike Black experiences his own stages of grief: shock, anger, guilt; but mostly he felt pain. Pain because he felt responsible for her death. Black deals with it by killing just about everybody that Andre sends him to collect from. His killing spree has the unfortunate effect of bringing the police deeper into his world, and into Andre’s drug business. Concerned that he is attracting too much unnecessary attention, Andre sends Black away; and at Wanda’s urging, he goes to the Bahamas.

That time away from the city gives Black an opportunity to look at the man he is—and see the man he wants to be in the future. He resolves himself that he needs to be like the ocean: the perfect blend of strength, power, and calm. A quiet and peaceful man, but have the potential to be extremely destructive when necessary. He returns to New York a new Mike Black, but finds that he is faced with the same old problems: business associates murdered, a takeover threat from an unexpected source, tricky women with mad game and Detective Kirkland, who is intent on putting Mike Black in jail for murder.

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Since I Had You

In this tale of forbidden love, Long time co-workers, Brooke Patterson and Chris Gable have developed a special friendship, one that brought them closer together, one that made them fall in love. It was an ardently passionate and intensely physical love, built on their enduring friendship of mutual respect and admiration shared over the years. But there’s one problem:
They’re both married … and not to each other.

They’re eventually driven apart leaving each devastated and heartbroken but as chance would have it, they run into each other again. And those feelings are felt again, the ones that said, how much I’ve missed loving you since I had you.

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The Model and the Madam

Even though her title was underboss, Rain Robinson was The Boss of The Family now.
The Reign of Rain Robinson begins with The Model And The Madam.

With the exception of Doc, Rain had a set of new captains; Carter Garrison, Jackie Washington and newly minted captain, Ed Weather, and each had problems that had to be dealt with. Rain knew if she got involved, she could whip everybody back in line because she was the hammer and nobody wanted to deal with her punishment. But Rain understood that as the boss of The Family, she had to give them an opportunity to put their own houses in order. So she sat it out, watched and waited. But Rain was an action junkie, so she was bored—not knowing that action was waiting right outside her door.
Waiting and watching wasn’t Carmen Taylor’s thing. After Jada killed the hit man that murdered two of her informants early one morning at the City Diner, she rushed into something that may not only cost Carmen her life, but unbeknownst to her, would have far-reaching consequences in The Family.
As for Jada West, she was being Jada—a boss in her own right and an asset to The Family. After becoming aware of a potential threat inside the organization, Jada uses all the resources at her disposal to deal with the situation.
The Reign of Rain Robinson begins with a tale of nonstop action and edge of your seat suspense that all comes together in the end.

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