Best known as the master of urban suspense for his iconic Mike Black Saga, Roy Glenn is a multi-genre author who has always had a very vivid imagination, Roy began making up his own stories at a very early age; but his passion for writing those stories didn’t come until much later in life.
“It began with a thought and after a while, the characters and the story became clear to me and began to play over and over like a movie in my mind.”
He began writing his first novel, Is It a Crime, which became a bestseller and gave birth to the popular character Mike Black, and the Saga began.
Roy’s other titles in the saga include Mr. & Mrs. Black, The Name of The Game, Revenge, and This Is Mine. His other novels include tales of romantic suspense like Doctor/Patient Confidentiality, Crime of Passion and Body of Evidence, as well as romances: The Circle Remains Unbroken, With You, It’s Only Love and Unexpected with Aja.
Roy was born and raised in the Bronx, and currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida where he is working with Aja on the second story in the Unexpected Trilogy, Be With Me, Give Me All and The Model and The Madam the next book in The Mike Black Saga.